A look behind the scenes

  • Exciting perspectives - a look behind the scenes

    Airports exert a very special fascination. It would be cool to work there in a profession! Accompany our employees in their daily work, gain interesting insights into the activities and experience how each individual is moved by his or her personal commitment.


    Whether mechanic, baggage handler or loader - each member of the team stands up for the other and assumes responsibility for himself and others. This cohesion makes us special.

  • Optimally networked - smart togetherness

    You know the saying, "Relationships only harm the one who doesn't have them"? Then network with our employees. Draw attention to yourself and get in touch with us. In this way you can find out first hand what makes us special and what you want to know.

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  • In demand - that's what our employees say

    We asked our employees what they appreciated about us and why they chose us. Here you can learn more about the personal experiences and success stories of our employees.

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  • Snapshot - a completely normal day

    The work with us is versatile and writes new stories every day. What does it look like with us? Find out first hand what makes working with us so unique and what surprises it offers you.

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