Snapshot - a completely normal day

The work with us is versatile and writes new stories every day. What does it look like with us? Find out first hand what makes working with us so unique and what surprises it offers you.

Duty Manager Baggage

The profession of Duty Manager Baggage is something for early risers. My work starts already at 03:00 o'clock in the morning with the personnel planning. Here it is determined which employee will be deployed where. Whether in the area of the hall to sort the luggage, or as a driver who picks up the pieces of luggage from the plane. Then the administrative tasks arise. Answer emails, write duty rosters and prepare briefings and staff meetings.

Now the actual work of the Duty Manager Baggage really starts. I complete the first routine rounds, stop by in the various areas, and inform the coordinators in these areas about what is happening today and any special features.

So the day is very varied and has many surprises in store. Like comforting passengers when their dogs are not on the plane. But sometimes also chasing after them when they have freed themselves from their cages. Or finding dangerous and endangered species. Knowledge of foreign languages is an advantage to avoid always having to talk to the passengers with hands and feet.



Duty Manager Baggage